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Katie Costello | All Rights Reserved

REBEL POP Records artist and co-founder Katie Costello is ready to shower the world with her pop anthems of optimism, hope, and inclusivity. The July release of her “New World” EP saw the Brooklyn based pop artist back on the map with her big-hearted, feel-good sound. We Plug Good Music called the EP “the start of a musical revolution that the world is craving,” while Music Existence called it “music to make your heart feel full.” Now, on October 6th Costello will be releasing her much anticipated new full-length record Twice the Love, which looks to take her self-proclaimed “Rebel Pop” to new heights. 

Katie had this to say about the album: “My third album Twice the Love is unlike anything I've made before in that each song was written and recorded in a different city with a different creative collaborator. I learned to let go making this album and my wish is that those who listen to it will feel open-hearted, alive, and free spirited in their journey to follow their dreams.”

Twice the Love features standout tracks “New York Graffiti” and “Holiday,” as well as the powerful synth-driven ballad “Why Does My Heart Break.” The fact that Costello collaborated with various musicians and producers on the record is apparent. “Holiday” was produced by Justyn Pilbrow (The Neighborhood), and third single “Here & Now” was produced by Tim Myers (founding member of One Republic). From the opening notes of “New York Graffiti,” to the fast-paced indie pop of “Silver & Gold,” to the bouncy 80’s synth pop of “Up in the Air,” and the cool hip-hop of “I’ll Be Here,” the album is packed with diverse pop textures that will surely win over some new “Rebel Pop” devotees. 

Katie Costello’s self-assured pop has been winning over pop fans for years. Influential British DJ Nic Harcourt featured Katie on his KCRW “Today’s Top Tune” show, and praised Costello for her mature songwriting. Katie’s anthems of compassion and hope have also popped up on the radar of Hollywood star Rosario Dawson, who tweeted in appreciation of Katie’s song “New World,” and called Costello “more prescient than ever!” 

A California native, Costello began writing songs as early as thirteen years old. Eventually she began performing her songs around Los Angeles, and when she turned seventeen, released her debut full-length album, Kaleidoscope Machine. A year later, Katie would leave the insular nature of Los Angeles to find new inspiration and cultural diversity in New York City’s Lower East Side. Upon moving to New York, Katie’s creativity blossomed into something tangibly beautiful, resulting in her second full-length album Lamplight, produced by Tony Berg, along with the release of various EP's and singles. 

Katie Costello’s infectious brand of “Rebel Pop” has also crossed over to TV, with her spirited pop offerings making appearances on Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, 90210, Home and Away, and Rookie Blue. Her music has also crossed over to film, with appearances in Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best, Craigslist Joe, As Cool As I Am, Never and others.

With Twice the Love slated for a release this October, 2017 looks to be the year Katie Costello’s uniquely infectious “Rebel Pop” hits its much deserved stride, and maybe along the way, Katie’s songs will shine a little bit of light into the world. 

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