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Katie Costello | All Rights Reserved

Rebel Pop Records artist and co-founder Katie Costello has a new and fresh vision for modern pop music. With her anthemic slabs of pop positivity, tracks like “New World” burst at the seams with the kind of upbeat open-mindedness that a world currently in turmoil needs. In a recent interview with Pur Opulence, Costello described her uplifting messages of unity, diversity, and hope: “I call my style of music Rebel Pop. It’s “rebel” because I’m the artist, composer, music publisher and record label – doing it authentically and independently. It’s “pop” because it’s feel good music that is intended for everyone.”

Costello’s unique brand of pop music has already received rave reviews and praise from music industry tastemakers. Los Angeles based NPR affiliate KCRW’s Nic Harcourt featured Katie on his “Today’s Top Tune” show, and praised Costello for her mature songwriting and “making her path clear.” Interview Magazine has called Katie’s vocals “pristine and smoky,” and compared her to Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor. Paste praised Katie for her “unique take on an oft-stilted genre.” With a new EP titled “New World” due out this July and a third full-length album to be released in October, Katie Costello is ready to take her bright and assured “Rebel Pop” to the next level.

A California native, Costello began writing songs as early as thirteen years old. Eventually she began performing her songs around Los Angeles, and when she turned seventeen, released her debut full-length album, Kaleidoscope Machine. A year later, Katie would leave the insular nature of Los Angeles to find new inspiration and cultural diversity in New York City’s Lower East Side. Upon moving to New York, Katie’s creativity blossomed into something tangibly beautiful, resulting in various EP and single releases. While in New York City Katie also gained an affinity for Yoga and meditation, which have greatly informed her songwriting and lyrical messages of peace, hope, and inclusivity.

Katie Costello’s infectious brand of “Rebel Pop” has also crossed over to TV, with her spirited pop offerings making appearances on Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, 90210, Home and Away, and Rookie Blue. Her music has also crossed over to film, with appearances in Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best, Craigslist Joe, Never and others.

With two new releases on the horizon, 2017 looks to be the year Katie Costello’s uniquely infectious “Rebel Pop” hits its much deserved stride, and maybe along the way, Katie’s songs will shine a little bit of light into the world.

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